Automatic Voter Registration for Wisconsin

Chippewa Valley Votes is calling upon candidates running for Wisconsin State Assembly and State Senate to publicly pledge support for adopting Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) in Wisconsin.

AVR will expand fair access to the ballot box, boost voter registration rates, increase voter turnout, make voting more convenient, and lower costs to taxpayers.

SIGN: The petition to support AVR in Wisconsin

What is AVR?

Election_Day_voting12_5552Automatic Voter Registration makes two simple yet important changes to voter registration. First, eligible citizens who interact with state agencies, such as the DMV, are registered to vote unless they decline. Second, those agencies transfer voter registration information electronically to state election officials, creating a process that is more convenient and less error prone for both voters and governments.

Twelve states have already approved automatic voter registration, and 20 states have introduced automatic registration proposals in 2018.

READ: The “AVR for Wisconsin” Proposal

Why AVR?

  • Gives more eligible voters a chance to have their voice heard and counted in our democracy.
  • Saves taxpayer money by creating a more efficient voter registration system.
  • 1.2 million eligible Wisconsin residents are not registered to vote.
  • Fixing the way state agencies collect and share residency information could result in hundreds of thousands of newly registered Wisconsin voters.
  • Protects every eligible voter’s right to vote with a secure and modern election system.
  • Prevents wrongful purges of eligible voters by maintaining a more accurate and updated voter registration list

DID YOU KNOW?  This year, 7,000 Wisconsin voters were incorrectly deactivated from the voter rolls prior to the February 2018 primaries. Learn more here.

FIND: What local candidates support AVR

How does AVR work?

Wisconsin Voters Take Part In State's PrimaryIt’s simple and secure. When someone applies for, renews or replaces a driver’s license or buys a fishing license, their relevant information—including name, address, date of birth, and signature on file — should be shared electronically with the Wisconsin Elections Commission. That registration application would be verified for eligibility (citizenship, age and residency), compared to the information already in the statewide voter registration database and, if there is no existing registration, the person is added to the voter rolls.

This proposal includes pre-registration of 16 and 17 year olds. Upon reaching voting age, pre-registered voters would be automatically added to the voting rolls. This low-cost option will increase voter registration among young people and to establish voting behavior at an early age.

READ: The “AVR for Wisconsin” Candidate Pledge letter

What can you do?

  1. Sign the Petition.  Add your name to the growing list of citizens in west-central Wisconsin who support AVR. Follow this link to sign the petition. If you would like to go one step further and help us collect signatures, you may download a hardcopy version of the petition and mail it in when complete.
  2. Contact your State Assembly & State Senate candidates. Ask them to publicly pledge support for AVR in Wisconsin. Use the information from this website to tell them why they should support AVR. Not sure what districts you are in? Go here to find out what district you live in.
  3. Host a house meeting. Open your doors and invite your friends! We’ll help organize! Someone from Chippewa Valley Votes can attend to speak about the importance of AVR and how we can make it happen in WI. Let us know if you are interested by sending us an email.



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