Candidate Pledges of Support for Automatic Voter Registration

Charlie WarnerEric Larsen.pubJeff SmithWren KeturiJodi EmersonJohn CalabreseKathleen VinehoutKelda RoysMike McCabeTony Evers

Aaron CamachoArnie EnzJon SchultzMaggie TurnbullRobert MeyerWendy Sue Johnson

Check back for more updates on what candidates are supporting AVR!

Our volunteer team has personally sent each candidate a package of materials that includes “Candidate Pledge of Support” and “Proposal for Automatic Voter Registration in Wisconsin”.

Information about supportive candidates will be featured on this page. Check back to see what candidates in your district support the expanding voter access, improving efficiency of Wisconsin’s election system, and giving more eligible voters a chance to have their voice heard in our democracy.

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