We are a nonpartisan volunteer-based voter assistance effort working across three counties in west-central Wisconsin (Chippewa, Dunn, and Eau Claire counties) seeking to register, educate, and advocate for voters during the 2018 elections and beyond.

Our purpose is to…

Empower voters to participate in the democratic process.

Our goals areā€¦

  1. Remove barriers to voting and expand access to the ballot box.
  2. Reduce confusion surrounding voting laws and rules.
  3. Promote a culture of voting and civic engagement.

To accomplish these goals, our volunteers will conduct voter outreach in venues such as libraries, campuses, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and county fairs. In doing so, our efforts focus on underserved voter groups such as homeless, students, low-income, elderly, ex-felons, and non-English speakers.

Click here to read our Nonpartisanship Policy

We believe every voter should have a voice.


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